Since 2004 our company has obtained the ISO 14001 certification issued by DNV (DET NORSKE VERITAS). Nuova Serpentino is committed to the respect of the environment, involving the staff as well.  Specific and authorized companies take care of the disposal of waste in order to have a safe and adequate working space.
We care about the planet and for this reason we have chosen to use green energy coming from our photovoltaic system since 2010.

Goodactivities we carry on:

  • a good management of quarry operation in order to limit pollution; 

  •  a limited use of non-renewable sources (water, electrical energy, fossil fuels); 

  • impact management of quarrying operations (both in operating and closing phases);

  • an early evaluation of environmental effects concerning new activities, products and processes, letting us choose the best solution to have a low impact on the environment; 

  • trust and clarity between the parties involved (citizens, public institutions, suppliers, clients) on the company's activities, maintaining an open dialogue on the environmental issues.